The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

📧 modern cold emailing with matthew mcquinn [Video]

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📧 modern cold emailing with matthew mcquinn

00:00 📧 Matt has experience with over 3 million cold emails, learning from both successes and failures
02:01 📊 Targeting the right audience can be done using tools like Apollo, ContactOut, and Marketocean
03:11 📈 Buying databases can lead to burned contacts, while scraping tools require tech expertise and manual intervention
05:42 💼 Scrubbing lists and data cleaning are time-consuming tasks best left for experts, not sales professionals
07:19 💡 Hiring researchers can lead to data quality issues due to a lack of understanding of Western business practices
08:54 🌐 Coldlytics combines scraping and human research for high-quality, validated lead data for outbound marketing efforts.
09:35 ⏳ Buying unqualified data wastes time and burns email domains; better to invest in validated lead data initially
10:01 💰 Spending time scraping data manually becomes costly as your time’s value increases; Coldlytics offers research-based, quality lead data
10:31 🔎 Coldlytics’ research-based approach ensures high-quality leads not found in databases; agency-focused features like page speed analysis add value
11:11 📈 Coldlytics’ unique data points benefit agencies, such as detecting Google/Facebook advertisers and identifying websites on specific platforms
13:32 📧 Cold emailing demands value and trust; offering tangible value in emails can lead to more meaningful interactions and potential conversions
14:43 💡 Initial cold outreach requires balancing trust and value; offering free valuable insights can establish credibility and initiate relationships
17:31 🚀 Monitoring the value equation is crucial in cold email marketing to gain traction and potentially convert leads
18:00 📊 Testing product-market fit involves initially cold emailing batches of leads to gauge traction and potential customer conversions
18:41 📧 Test cold email messaging with small batches to gauge interest and adjust value offerings; initial pricing can be set low to attract customers and gather testimonials
19:39 💰 Adjust pricing gradually based on customer feedback and social proof obtained from reviews and testimonials; establish a sustainable business model with satisfactory profit levels
21:17 👀 Focus on tracking lead rate instead of open rates to gauge initial interest in cold emails; aim for a conversion rate that can be optimized over time
21:59 📧 Personalize cold emails by extracting unique details from recipients’ websites; warm up email accounts before sending to improve deliverability and account health rating
23:51 📨 Choose email providers like Google or Microsoft for higher deliverability rates; consider email ecosystem compatibility to increase the chances of emails reaching recipients’ inboxes

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