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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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🔥 Data Analyst Bootcamp 2023 | Learn Data Analytics in 11 Hours | Data Analytics Course |Simplilearn [Video]

Marketing Analytics and Reporting

🔥 Data Analyst Bootcamp 2023 | Learn Data Analytics in 11 Hours | Data Analytics Course |Simplilearn

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In this Data Analyst Bootcamp, you will learn what data analytics is, why data analytics is necessary, the types of data analytics, and the various data analytics applications. You will then understand a case study and perform analysis of data using Python and R. In addition to that; we will see the top 10 data analysis tools and understand the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst. Finally, we’ll see the top interview questions that will help you crack a data analyst interview.

Below are the topics covered in this Data Analyst Bootcamp:

00:00:00 Introduction – Data Analyst
00:02:52 What is Data Analytics
00:04:55 Who is a Data Analyst and its Career
00:37:59 Top 10 Data Analyst Skills
00:51:16 Top 10 Data Analyst Tools
01:12:27 Data Scientist vs Data Analyst
01:40:43 Data Analytics with Python
01:50:28 Microsoft Excel Tutorial
02:19:25 Pivot table in excel
02:47:37 Excel Dashboard
06:58:26 Data Analytics Using R
08:04:53 What is SQL?
09:42:13 Data Analyst Interview Questions

✅Why become Data Analyst?
The World Economic Forum forecasts that data analysts will be in demand due to increasing data collection and usage. Organizations view data analysis as one of the most crucial future specialties due to the value that can be derived from data. Data is more abundant and accessible than ever in today’s business environment. In fact, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. With an ever-increasing skill gap in data analytics, the value of data analysts is continuing to grow, creating new job and career advancement opportunities.

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➡️ About Data Analytics Bootcamp
The Caltech Data Analytics Bootcamp is ideal for working professionals from all backgrounds. Develop core skills such as mastering excel, creating data-driven presentations, data manipulation with SQL, analyzing data with Python, and data visualization with Tableau. Learn data analysis with tools such as AWS.

✅ Key features
– Simplilearn Career Service helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
– Data Analytics Bootcamp Certificate from Caltech CTME
– Caltech CTME Circle Membership
– Online Convocation by Caltech CTME Program Director
– Access to integrated Data Analytics Labs

✅ Skills Covered
– Data Analytics
– Statistical Analysis using Excel
– Data Analytics using Python
– Data Visualization with Tableau
– Linear and Logistic Regression
– Data Manipulation
– Data Analysis in AWS

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