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12 Useful DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS To Grow Your Business // Become A Better Marketer and Creator [Video]

12 Useful DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS To Grow Your Business // Become A Better Marketer and Creator

In this video, you’ll learn about 12 digital tools that are super useful (and needed) for the modern marketer, creator and business owner to know and use. I’ve compiled some of the most useful digital marketing and business tools that I use on a regular basis – some very well known and some less, but all really important!

This is not a full list of tools but a comprehensive one with some essentials. I’ll continue the series with more tools and may focus on specific categories. Stay tuned!

Content mentioned in this video + resources that will be helpful:
My Notion tutorial:
How I use Integromat to automate business tasks + save time:
NFT Marketing 101:
Aron Korenbilt’s YT channel:

00:00 Intro
00:13 Tool #1 – all in workspace
02:18 Tool #2 – creating a no-code website within minutes
04:30 Tool #3 – databases for all business needs (subtract the amount of minutes that’s going to be cut out)
07:08 Tool #4 – automating tasks & transferring information between apps
08:25 Tool #5 – automating tasks to have more time for the business
10:18 Tool #6 – interface design
11:49 Tool #7 – publish and monetize newsletters
13:00 Tool #8 – build communities and have conversations
15:01 Tool #9 – explain things via screenrecording
16:05 Tool #10 – online whiteboard & visual collaboration
17:48 Tool #11 – interactive and engaged meetings and webinars
19:03 Tool #12 – video conferencing management


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Hope you enjoy!

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