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[220721] GA4 CYA Blueprint Sales Page (Insiders) Cohort 2 [Video]

Wait, I’m a DD Insider / GA2021 Student. Why Should I Pay For This?

Since you’re already a DD Insider or a previous purchaser of our GA 2021 program, you may be wondering why there is an additional charge for this live course… especially since you already have access to the Google Analytics 2021 (now called GA4 Mastery) course recordings and updates.

We still intend to keep that promise of providing you updates to the GA4 Mastery Course.

Even if you don’t purchase our CYA Blueprint course held live through August, you will still get the recordings for the August sessions added to your Data Driven account in October.

Once we release the recordings, you will get an additional 16 hours of content added to your original course purchase.

So what’s the benefit of paying extra now over waiting an additional 3 months?

First, we’re charging separately for this course because of the format. We are conducting the courses live over 8 sessions. Our team is working harder than ever to deliver this …

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