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7 Strange Ways to Earn $5,000/mo from Brands [Video]

7 Strange Ways to Earn $5,000/mo from Brands

Brands are desperate to pay YOU money! Don’t believe me? I’m gonna break down 7 kinda weird ways to earn $5,000 a month.

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0:00 Earn $5K/mo from Brands
0:34 Start a Community
1:54 Monitor Brands’ Job Boards
3:08 Run a Brand’s Gifting Program
4:34 Social Media Training
5:28 Create a Paid Industry Newsletter
6:28 Start a Brand’s Affiliate Program
7:33 Manage a Brand’s Paid Advertising

What’s Creator Wizard all about?
My name is Justin Moore and I’m the Founder of Creator Wizard, an online resource where I teach you the *business* of being an influencer. My wife April and I have been full-time creators for over 8 years (on social media for 11+) and have personally made over $3M working with brands.

I have also run an influencer marketing agency for over 6 years that has helped other creators earn an additional $2M. I have worked on more than 600 brand deals, interpreted 1,100+ sponsorship contracts, and have partnered with pretty much every consumer brand imaginable.

I have a unique perspective because not only have I been in the creator economy trenches doing brand deals for years but by running an agency, I have been in the room with countless brands helping them decide how to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their influencer marketing strategy.

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