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Analytics Services and Money – MeasureCast #7 [Video]

Have you ever wondered how much you should charge for your digital marketing services, or are you considering getting into the analytics world as a professional and don’t know where to start? Well, in today’s podcast we have you covered since Sofiia had a great conversation with Julian, the founder of MeasureSchool about these topics and more. So if you are interested in catching the wave of GA4 and building a good client base but you are not sure how to monetize your services, this is the podcast for you. OUTLINE 00:00 – Introduction 03:06 – Implementation Services Rates 06:12 – Working as a Brand 07:31 – Charging by Projects 12:30 – How to Track Your Implementation Time 14:25 – Evaluating the Scope of GA4 Migration Projects 16:48 – What to Ask Your Clients Before Starting? 20:29 – Which Tools Should an Analytics Professional Manage? 25:04 – How to Hire …

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