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How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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Automate Your Growth In The Trades with Justin Judd [Video]

Landing Pages and Sales Conversion

Automate Your Growth In The Trades with Justin Judd

We’re thrilled to introduce our guest, Justin Judd, the VP of Sales at Chiirp, who is here to share his expertise on customer experience and the importance of standing out in a competitive marketplace. We dove deep into the core of customer experience, the power of automation, and the raw human element behind business operations.

3 Key Takeaways

Customer Experience Excellence: The art of collecting and utilizing customer feedback is non-negotiable. Justin from Chiirp walks us through the systems and processes crucial for tracking this important metric.

Automation’s Impact on Lead Conversion: Speed Matters! Learn why contacting leads instantly can skyrocket your conversion rates and how text message automation outshines email with a 98% open rate.

Personal Growth & Hiring Wisdom: The journey of personal development is just as vital as professional growth. Justin shares his personal narrative, discussing his decision to embrace life without alcohol and the profound effects it has had on his life and work.

Justin also dropped some gold on us about hiring A-players and being authentic in a saturated market. A huge thank you to Justin for being real and providing value to all of us. And to our sponsors for making this episode possible!

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0:00 – Show Starts
5:31 – CHIIRP Ad
6:09 – Free2Grow Ad
7:04 – Elite Call Ad
7:32 – On Purpose Media Ad
9:58 – Justin’s Journey
13:01 – Learning Experiences Through Rocket Ship Growth
16:53 – How Do We Take That Time And Create That Time To Make Those Changes
19:16 – What Can A Business Do To Wow Their Customers From The Very Beginning
21:57 – What Are You Seeing As The Most Success In Lead Touchpoints
24:10 – Reticular Activator In Your Brain
29:42 – How Do We Avoid Being Salesy Every Single Time We Message A Client
35:39 – Random Question Generator – If You Had To Listen To One Song For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?
37:14 – Mental Health and Victimhood
43:07 – Do You Believe That Life Happens To You Or Life Happens For You
50:52 – What Are Contractors Struggling With Right Now?
1:03:55 – What Is One Question You Wish People Would Ask You More But Don’t?
1:13:33 – Show Ends

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