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Automation – Send Waalaxy leads to your CRM with webhooks [Video]

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Automation – Send Waalaxy leads to your CRM with webhooks

Whether your CRM is Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, or another, we’ll show you how to send Waalaxy leads to your CRM. Ready to synchronize your CRM and push your automation to the max? 🚀

But first, do you know what a Waalaxy campaign is?
Check out our Waalaxy tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdJS93_tjGQ

Today, Karine shows you how to:
– Synchronize Waalaxy and Hubspot.
– Connect Waalaxy to your CRM via Zapier.

You can just as easily use another integration tool (Maker (formerly Integromat), N8N, etc.), as long as it uses the webhooks principle!
Find our Waalaxy x Integromat tutorial right here :
👉 https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/synchronize-waalaxy-crm-integromat/

After this tutorial, you’ll be able to connect to the CRM of your choice like a pro! 😎

Do you use one of the CRMs listed below? Waalaxy already makes it easy for you to synchronize with your CRM, discover the tutorial dedicated to your CRM :
– Hubspot: https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/sync-waalaxy-hubspot-zapier/
NoCRM.io : https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/native-synchronization-waalaxy-nocrmio/
– Pipedrive: https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/how-to-sync-waalaxy-with-pipedrive-zapier/
– Salesforce : https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/synchronize-sales-force/
– ZohoCRM : https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/how-to-sync-waalaxy-x-zohocrm/
– Axonaut: https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/waalaxy-axonaut-synchronization/
– Airtable: https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/sync-waalaxy-airtable-via-zapier/
– Brevo (formerly Sendinblue): https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/waalaxy-and-sendinblue-via-zapier/
– Selssy: https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/waalaxy-sellsy-synchronization/

Looking for a written tutorial to synchronize Waalaxy with Google Sheets? We’ve got just what you need:
👉 https://blog.waalaxy.com/en/synchronize-waalaxy-crms/

00:00 Introduction
00:12 Why synchronize your CRM with Waalaxy?
00:51 Scrape your prospects’ pro emails
01:05 Waalaxy campaigns
01:13 The two ways to send data to your CRM
01:57 Waalaxy-Hubspot synchronization
02:46 Our Pipedrive/Salesforce/Zoho synchronizations
03:19 Synchronizing another CRM
03:49 Webhook explained
04:21 Our available synchronization tutorials
04:39 Solution if we don’t have a tutorial for your CRM
05:09 Tutorial: Synchronize Waalaxy and Zapier
05:31 Link your CRM to Zapier
06:14 Tutorial: From Zapier to Google Sheets
07:03 Tutorial: Finalize Waalaxy x Zapier synchronization

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