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Chapter 3, The 4 stages of the customer lifecycle: Advanced Digital Marketing Course [Video]

Chapter 3, The 4 stages of the customer lifecycle: Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Chapter 3: The 4 stages of the customer lifecycle

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About the course:

Digital marketing is your best opportunity to transform your business and build a more vigorous career disregard of your role in your organization. Digital marketing is a top priority for most business leaders as digital is among the core elements used in building business models and business strategies.

This advanced digital marketing training will help you master both the planning and execution of your digital marketing strategy. The course will provide you with a platform to gain in-depth analytical and practical knowledge you can apply directly to your business. The course covers a proven 4-stage marketing methodology: brand awareness, customer engagement, customer convergence, and customer retention. Part 1, chapters 1 to 6, covers building your marketing strategy and the marketing methodology, whereas part 2, chapters 6 to 12 focuses on the marketing tools to execute your strategy.

The complete course agenda:

Chapter 1: Background
• The Shift
• Course Objectives
• About the Instructor
• Why learn Digital Marketing
• Course Content and Agenda

Chapter 2: Introduction
• Significance of digital marketing
• State the keywords relevant to the course.
• Define marketing in the digital age
• Marketing Alignment
• How digital marketing became so significant and how it will progress further in the future

Chapter 3: The four stages of the customer lifecycle
• Why your digital marketing strategy should follow a methodology?
• The four stages of the customer lifecycle methodology – Brand awareness, customer engagement, customer convergence, and customer retention.

Chapter 4: The three stages of the customer Journey
• What is the customer journey? Awareness, Consideration, Decision.
• Customer journey vs. marketing methodology

Chapter 5: Marketing and Sales Planning and Management
• key definitions: buyers’ personas, prospects, contact, lead, opportunity, customer, sales funnel.
• Marketing driven businesses vs. sale driven businesses (B2C, vs. B2B)
• How to align marketing and sales, and define marketing and sales targets.

Chapter 6: Fundamentals of marketing strategic planning
• What is a marketing strategy?
• Step by step on how to develop your marketing strategy document
• Step by step on how to build your marketing activity plan document.

Chapter 7: The digital marketing tools
• Introduce the relevant digital marketing tools
• Map the tools to each stage of the customer lifecycle.
• Marketing tools for automating each stage of the customer lifecycle

Chapter 8: Marketing Tools for Brand Awareness
• Review Tool Set for brand awareness.
• Website and SEO
• Mobile apps
• Content marketing
• Digital Advertisements

Chapter 9: Marketing Tools for Customer Engagement
• Tool Set for customer engagement
• Content marketing
• CTA, Forms, and Landing Pages.
• Social Media and digital ads

Chapter 10: Marketing Tools for Customer Convergence
• Tool Set for customer convergence
• Offers
• Lead Scores
• Direct sales

Chapter 11: Marketing Tools for customer Retention
• Why is customer retention?
• How to Develop your customer retention strategy
• Examples of retention/loyalty strategies.

Chapter 12: Course Summary and Review
• Review of important concepts
• How to advance further?

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