5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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Closing A $30k Marriage Coaching Client With No Sales Call Part 4 High Ticket Sales Objections [Video]

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Closing A $30k Marriage Coaching Client With No Sales Call Part 4 High Ticket Sales Objections

“All of the leads I get are those people with no money…”

I hear this from a high ticket coach at least once a week…

And the truth is that if you have a program that costs $10k or more…

There are going to be lots of people that can’t afford it…

But the truth is that there are many that can afford it…

The question is do they see the value in what you provide?

If not, they will also say the price is too high…

Last week I sold a $30k program for a marriage coach and cost among many other things was an objection…

Here’s how I handled each and how you can to…

Along with how you can sort through all those resource light prospects you have…

And get to those with the cash to spend faster and easier…

Closing A $30k Marriage Coaching Client With No Sales Call Part 4 High Ticket Sales Objections //
Closing A $30k Marriage Coaching Client With No Sales Call Part 1 High Ticket Sales Hook//
High Ticket Sales: Closing $14k Marriage Coaching Buyers Via Email (No Sales Call Necessary) // What’s the biggest mistake that businesses make in selling their high ticket offerings?

It’s a doozy… and you’ll find out why most are leaving a lot of money on the table… and what you should do instead to skyrocket your profitability. When businesses focus too much on their low ticket sales and offerings and funnels they leave lots of money on the table… but there’s more. High ticket sales isn’t an opportunity where you only have one shot… if you have the phoneless sales approach in place you can get in front of low ticket buyers early and often and increase your high ticket sales each month.

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