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Cyber Starters – S1E7 “Funding Your Startup” [Video]

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Cyber Starters – S1E7 “Funding Your Startup”

Want to start a cybersecurity business, and want to limit mistakes and maximize opportunity? Welcome to ‘Cyber Starters,’ the LIVE podcast at the intersection of cybersecurity and entrepreneurship.

This week’s guest is Alissa Knight, Co-Founder of Knight Group.

We are talking “How to fund your startup” Specifically
1. How to think about funding
2. Where to find funding
3. Marketing to advertisers
4. Leadership v. Operations

I’m your host, Dr. Gerald Auger, alongside Ryan Leirvik, CEO of Neuvik and author of Understand, Manage, and Measure Cyber Risk®, we are going to share tools, strategies, and insider knowledge to demystify cybersecurity entrepreneurship and help you turn your ideas into action.

Every week we will be joined by a successful cybersecurity industry entrepreneur to share their thoughts and experiences with you, and you’ll be part of the show too with LIVE audience QA.

If you’re serious about merging entrepreneurship with cybersecurity, you can’t afford to miss Cyber Starters every Tuesday at 1:00 PM EST only on Simply Cyber.
Shout out to the exclusive sponsor of Cyber Starters: ACI Learning!

ACI Learning is a lifelong career training partner for professionals in audit, cybersecurity and information technology.

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