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Day 2 Summer Breeze Productivity Challenge [Video]

Day 2 Summer Breeze Productivity Challenge

How to organize in such a way that you get more done in less time.
Is summer slipping away and you are behind in what you need to get done? Take this 3 day challenge of 3 short videos with some downloads and get back on track.

Discover how to triple your productivity and work smarter instead of harder.

In this video Kerry George talks about color coding your calendar to keep better track of what you are working on and why you need a Planned Path with 101 goals. She has some great stories about how this can get you moving and restimulate your passion even in a busy or distracting time.

If you are having trouble with productivity this is the challenge for you!

When you sign up for the challenge using this link you not only receive access to the videos, you also get:
1. How To Triple Your Productivity Worksheet
2. The Fable Of The Productive Ant
3. The Planned Path – 101 Goals That Will Reboot Your Motivation

Take the challenge now and get your season back on track!

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Do this one thing to burn fat and build muscle [Video]

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