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Encircle Announces Integration Options With Leading Restoration Software Providers [Video]

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KITCHENER, Ontario—December 17, 2021— Encircle, an all-in-one field documentation solution for restoration professionals, announced new integration options with leading restoration software providers. These options, including built-in integrations with project management, 3D imaging, equipment tracking, and claims management software providers, will allow restorers to build a technology solution customized to their specific business. Additional features include Zapier to automate repetitive tasks without development work and a publicly available open API for custom integrations.

“For years, restorers have been struggling to find a software that can do it all, but what’s become abundantly clear is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” says Paul Donald, CEO of Encircle. “It’s really time to give the restorer what they want and that’s the power to choose the complete solution that works best for their business.”

Encircle’s current integration providers include:

  • PSA
  • Xcelerate
  • iRestore
  • ServiceMinder
  • Matterport
  • Kahi
  • Virtual Claims Adjuster
  • Guidewire

Additionally, restorers can utilize Zapier for a point-and-click solution …

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