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Event Conversion Tracking For Microsoft Advertising using UTM tags on Google Tag Manager [Video]

Event Conversion Tracking For Microsoft Advertising using UTM tags on Google Tag Manager

Do you also get confused when you get to this point of tag installation for markers of advertising when you want to track some events? So here we are at Ad724 and we’re going to take you through this. So let’s get started. First of all, you need to have unity tag installed in all of your pages. For doing that, we’re going to make another video and put the link into the description.

So let’s go to the conversion tracking goal. And we think you already have the unity target installed in all of your pages. You’re going to create a new tag, of course, for the website. And into the category, we’re going to choose form, submit. And it’s an event, of course. Then we’re going to make a name for that. I’m going to put the test for now.

And the action name is must to be equal to whatever you say. It could be submit, late form or whatever you want, but I’m going to need that name for the future in Tag Manager. So we can also count the revenue if you want. You can see each conversion might count for me as $100. And the scope, of course, is for this account.

And this is if the forms if it’s forms, of course, the unique is for me, because I don’t want to count all the forms again and again. One of them is enough. And the conversion window at 30 days is enough. And we want to count this as an conversions, of course. So next and we have the set of taking page, I’m going to choose the tag I want.

I have a different tag for each language of one website. So if it’s wrong, please let me know in the comments. Should I use only one tag or not? And it’s going to give me the account and the container so I can. I’m going to skip this part because we have another video for that. And in here, I’m going to install this event as an inline action.

So this is the part that makes you confused because you don’t want to put this code in the head of the pages that you want to track. Why? Because you don’t want to each time fire these tags that page loads. You want to just track and when the form is submitted. So for doing that, we’re just going to ignore this message and we are going to the tag manager here.

We’re going to create a new tag. And for that, we’re going to ask for Microsoft advertising. The other tag ID you need to find for doing that, you just going to tools, you eat the tags and here we can find the UAE to tag either you want just copy that and I’m going to paste it here. Okay. And for that and for the track type, we’re going to choose custom conversion and action name need to be exact name that we chose here.

I’m going to copy this to a oh, and I’m going to pasted here for the rest. We don’t we don’t need to do anything else. And the trigger should be the form submission that you already choose in the in the tank manager. And I’m going to save this as a tracking event, save. And we go back here, we continue that.

We just ignore this code and we’re going to save this. That’s it. Now you can send the conversions that is happening on your website to Microsoft Advertising. See you on next Windows.

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