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How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
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Furina Snowmen Summons!! [Video]

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Furina Snowmen Summons!!

Creator: mimo4e

This mod will be posted for 2 week early access on my patreon before it becomes public ^^

mimo4e’s socials:

What you need to know about Genshin Skin mods:

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use mods yourself!
It is fairly simple, so lets get into it c:
– disclaimer : mods work ONLY on PC, and they will not work on your mobile devices.

## 1. Downloading 3D Migoto (program that allows you to use mods)
– Firstly, go to this website :
– When you look at the right side of the screen, you’ll see ‘Releases’ and ‘v.X GIMI Tools’ under that. Click on the GIMI tools.
– Scroll down and under ‘Assets’, find a file named “” and download it.
– Extract whenever you like. When you open the folder, you’ll see an empty ‘mods’ folder inside, and that’s where you’re going to put your downloaded mods.

## 2. Downloading mods
– Go to this website :
– Then, search for a mod you’d like to download. You can find the download file under the ‘Files’.
– Extract the mod you downloaded and put the extracted folder into the ‘Mods’ folder in your 3D Migoto folder.

## 3. Setting up 3D Migoto
– Go to the 3D Migoto folder and find a file called ‘d3dx.ini’
– Press ALT + F and type ‘Genshin’ and hit enter.
– Find a line that says ‘ target = ‘, and specify your path to where your Genshin Impact.exe file is located. You can find the path by clicking on the windows button, searching up ‘Genshin Impact’ in your searchbar, then open the file directory, click on your genshin and select ‘copy as path’. Then, just paste it into the target.

## 4. Using the mods in game
– Open the 3D Migoto Loader app. You’ll need to open 3D Migoto every single time you want to use your mods. Also, 3D Migoto Loader might close down, but do not pay any attention to it.
– Open your Genshin Impact.
– At the loading screen, you’ll see that there’s some text indicating that 3D Migoto is running, pointing out it works!
– And now, you should be ready to go!

-If you need any help or your mods don’t work you can ask for help in

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