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Get Started with Data Harmonization in Marketing Cloud Intelligence [Video]

Get Started with Data Harmonization in Marketing Cloud Intelligence

During this video, we’ll provide an expert guided overview of Marketing Cloud’s Intelligence (powered by Datorama) data harmonization methods and creating custom calculated fields. We’ll cover:

– Harmonization Center
– Naming convention patterns
– Data classification
– Calculated dimensions and measurements

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Chapter 1 – Intelligence Data Harmonization Overview
2:25 Chapter 2 – The Data Journey
4:38 Chapter 3 – Work with Data Harmonization Center
7:45 Chapter 4 – Demo
23:41 Chapter 5 – Work with Calculated Dimensions and Measurements
28:33 Chapter 6 – Work with Filtered Measurements
30:10 Chapter 7 – Next Steps and Resources
31:42 Schedule Your Follow-Up

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