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Gmail snooze productivity [Video]

I’m at almost constant inbox zero. In part, it’s because I’m good at organizing my inbox and replying promptly (and I’m modest, to boot). But it’s also because I use the Gmail snooze feature to keep for-later emails out of sight and out of mind.

When you snooze on Gmail, you’re temporarily archiving a message and telling Gmail to bring it back to your inbox at a certain time. Just like when you snooze your alarm, it’ll leave you alone for some set amount of time and then come back to bug you again later.

You can snooze email in most modern email clients, but here’s how to do it in Gmail:

  1. From your inbox, hover over the right-most side of the email you want to snooze, and click the clock icon that pops up. (If you’re already looking at the email, the clock icon will be above the subject line.)

  2. Select one of the …

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