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Heybooster Review | Best Marketing Analytics Platform | Marketing Data Analysis [Video]

Heybooster Review | Best Marketing Analytics Platform | Marketing Data Analysis

Heybooster Review | Best Marketing Analytics Platform | Marketing Data Analysis
Get lifetime access to Heybooster Here:
Heybooster is a marketing tool for tracking ecommerce strategy channels with daily audits and next-step alerts, powered by AI. As a one-stop shop that combines data from Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Criteo, and more, Heybooster is built to audit your overall marketing performance.

The platform offers daily insights that highlight account improvements, operations issues that may be wasting budget, and opportunities for growth in need of attention.

You can use the daily audit for insights on conversion rate optimization, organic performance, and the overall success of your campaign within a specific budget.

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Main Features:
✅ Understand your marketing analytics and search for growth opportunities based on priority
✅ Alternative to: Databox, Looker, and Supermetrics
✅ View daily marketing audits and insights with KPI predictions, budget allocation, and alerts for important updates
✅ Best for: Ecommerce agencies and marketing teams looking for a simpler way to track and improve data
✅ 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Heybooster goes beyond tracking marketing metrics by also alerting you of important changes, noting measurement errors, and detecting under- and over-spending. Created by marketing experts, the tool sends alerts and notifications for the biggest changes that affect revenue the most.

On top of default notifications for important changes, you can also set notification preferences for your specific KPI or analytics to track, sent right to your email or Slack.

Get lifetime access to Heybooster Here:

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