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How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
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Hostinger Website Builder Review 2023 [Lifeime Deal] Appsumo [Video]

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Hostinger Website Builder Review 2023 [Lifeime Deal] Appsumo

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Hostinger offers a website builder, yeah, something that has been missing from this affordable provider for a while now. Naturally, the question arises – is Hostinger website builder any good compared to what others offer? Well, I’m Dainius. While many Hostinger reviews talk about hosting, not a lot talk about the builder side in-depth, so let’s change this with my Hostinger website builder review…


Is Hostinger Website Builder Really That Good?

Unlike most website builders, with Hostinger, you’re buying a hosting plan that comes with a builder. This is extremely good for us; Squarespace and most other charge sells plans for single websites. Hostinger page builder allows you to create up to 100 with a single affordable plan. Imagine buying a plan for every website that would kill your wallet. And

But on the other hand, this means that there is no “build website – buy a plan then” approach as most builders do. Here you pay upfront. However, Hostinger offers quite a generous 30-day money-back guarantee and gas, some of the most affordable plans in the industry, but we’ll talk about money a bit later on. So once we buy a plan, we can start building.

To continue this website builder review – after a quick setup of my account, I can choose how to build my new website – use WordPress or Hostinger Website Builder. Naturally, I choose the builder, and we can see what templates Hostiner offers. There are more than 100 unique-looking templates. After browsing through this selection several times, I love the colors and designs here. While some of them do start to look similar, there are more modern-looking flashy templates than most builders offer now. I like that there are no premium-locked options. You can use any of the templates. So, let’s choose this and see how to build a website with Hostinger…


Hostinger Website Builder For eCommerce:

So cool. Hostinger website builder is great for personal projects, but how about eCommerce? Well, let’s get this straight out of the way, Hostinger builder is mainly for smaller projects, so it can’t compare to a dedicated eCommerce platform like Shopify. That said, I also believe that the simplicity of Hostinger’s builder might be a big plus for small business owners. The available tools are more than enough if you just want to sell a few things online.

Managing my inventory is a quick and smooth process, the same as adding products. And I like that you don’t have to fill in a million fields when adding a new product, just the most basic information.

However, there is one major thing that most users don’t think about when we talk about successful online shops. Performance, you know that if your site loads slowly, you’ll start losing customers left and right. The current average website loading time is around 8 seconds, but that won’t suffice for a business, so Google recommends loading in under 2.5 seconds.

Most website builders fail here, large extensive building platforms take time to load everything, and Wix, for example, takes around 7 seconds to fully load. But the Hostinger website builder is light and actually shows some great results. It managed to load this website design in 1.8 seconds. That’s better than 99% of builders I reviewed, and it even fits in the Google recommended time frame.

And I think it has to do with Hostinger itself. It constantly improves the technology of servers and optimizes everything as much as possible. So while the Hostinger website builder is affordable, it’s definitely not slow.

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