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How to assign business unit to your work flow in HubSpot. [Video]

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How to assign business unit to your work flow in HubSpot.

You now have the power to assign workflows with business units, a game-changer in organizing your automation.

By default, workflows aren’t associated with business units, giving you the flexibility to choose whether or not to utilise this feature. However, incorporating business units into your workflows can significantly enhance your automation management, especially when dealing with multiple brands.

a. Assigning a business unit to your workflow is a breeze with HubSpot. Here’s how:

Step 1 – In your HubSpot account, head over to Automation, Workflows.

Step 2 – Hover over the workflow name, click “More”, then “Assign business unit.”

Step 3 – Choose the appropriate business unit from the “Business units” dropdown menu. Remember, you can only assign one business unit to a workflow.

Step 4 – Click “Assign.”

b. Need to make changes to the business unit assigned to a workflow? No problem:

Step 1 – Hover over the workflow name again, and click on “More”, then “Change business unit.”

Step 2 – Select a different business unit from the dropdown menu.
Click “Reassign.”

c. Filtering Your Workflows by Business Unit is a Snap:

Step 1 – In your HubSpot account, go to Automation, Workflows.
In the top bar, click on the “Business units” filter.

Step 2 – Check the boxes next to the business units you want to display.

Effortlessly manage your workflows and business units with HubSpot’s user-friendly features!


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