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How to Cure a Neck headache with Exercise [Video]

How to Cure a Neck headache with Exercise

How to cure a neck headache with a few simple stretches. We review a few stretches you can do safely for neck headaches. We also explain the types of headaches that require medication and are serious. In addition we review postural considerations when combating neck headaches triggers from a poor work station set up. Follow this outline to skip to the part of the video you are most interested in:

0:00 Introduction
3:15 How to know if headache is serious requiring medical attention
5:08. Understanding posture and headaches and changes to workstation set up
5:47 first exercise cervical retraction
8:22 Second cervical retraction with flexion
11:00 Third cervical rotation to side of head with headache

For other great ideas on self treatment check out these reports below!

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Here is the OSHA link on proper work station set up.

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