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How to Increase Conversion Rate on Shopify – Even Beginners can easily adopt in 2021 [Video]

How to Increase Conversion Rate on Shopify – Even Beginners can easily adopt in 2021

In this video, you will learn how to increase the conversion rate to boost revenue for your Shopify Store.

Conversion rate, or getting sales, of course, is the ultimate goal of all eCommerce and Shopify merchants. However not all Shopify businesses can conquer a high conversion rate at first. You can get traffic but they quickly leave your site without doing anything.

In this video, we will dig into 4 reasons why you’re getting traffic but no sales
#1 Your Call-to-action button is ineffective
#2 Your product descriptions sound generic
#3 Navigation is also a life-death issue.
#4 Your checkout process is long and has trust issues

and then break down 6 insightful tips to give customers reasons to keep staying on your site and buy.
#1 Optimize your store design
#2 Use customer testimonials on home and product pages
#3 Use exclusive discounts to grow your email list
#4 Develop engagement-driven email drip campaign
#5 Sending a push notification
#6 Use a customer loyalty program.

If you want to know these secrets to increase conversion rate and get constant sales on Shopify, keep watching till the end of the video.
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Understanding the hardness of starting a new online store with Shopify, we have created a dedicated playlist/ series named Shopify 101 to help you grow fruitfully and go with you in your whole journey. Watch the Playlist here

0:00 Intro
01:09 4 reasons why you’re getting traffic but no sales.
03:47 6 best practices in increasing conversion rate for your Shopify store
11:52 Closing

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