3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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How To Start a Cleaning Business and Make $4,000 A DAY | Step by Step Guide [Video]

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How To Start a Cleaning Business and Make $4,000 A DAY | Step by Step Guide

Finally, a video that ACTUALLY shows you how to start your own cleaning business that can easily generate $20,000/week, with no experience and on a tiny startup budget. This isn’t a “concept” video or “big idea” video, this is an actual step by step walk through intended for those looking to start a successful maid service or house cleaning business with absolutely no previous experience or knowledge. This video is almost 3 hours long, a true step by step guide, and is intended for those who are 100% serious about opening a cleaning business. This video will take you multiple days to go through but in the end your foundation will be extremely solid, jump starting you on the path to success.

Starting a cleaning company properly requires lots of steps and moving parts, luckily I will show you each step in detail as well as guide you on how to do it yourself. If you follow my steps, even if you’re not an entrepreneur or have any experience in the cleaning service industry, you can be successful.

This video broken up into 4 main parts.

1. The “before starting a cleaning company” section. This is mainly idea phase, name and branding. How the world will see your cleaning business and why it’s important to create a strong brand and professional appearance to build out your company.

2. The “infrastructure” section. Overview of the infrastructure required to have your house cleaning company function properly both internally and to the rest of the world. Things like an optimized website as well as day to day tools used throughout, including how to get your cleaning business more positive reviews than the existing competitors you’ll be surpassing.

3. The “advertising and marketing” section. The knowledge of how to start a cleaning business is important but it isn’t enough to succeed. You need a good marketing plan that will consistently bring you recurring customers. In this step I we will setup a highly customized Google Ads campaign, complete from keywords to settings, headlines and description designed to make your company succeed.

4. The “hiring and employees” section. This is an important part of your operation, even if you’re starting out just cleaning yourself, in order for the business to be successful you’ll need to eventually have multiple teams of cleaners to handle all the customers you’ve built out.

By the end of this step by step guide, you’ll not only know how to start a cleaning company but you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to be successful in a competitive market.

Remember your entrepreneurial journey truly starts with operations, after you’ve learned how to start a cleaning service. So after following this guide you’ll be well on your way to success. Let’s open your cleaning company together!

0:00 – Intro
2:43 – Idea & Unique Selling Point
4:38 – Business Name
5:20 – Intro to AI
6:30 – ChatGPT Sign up & Setup up
9:03 – A Winning Business Name
13:02 – Brandable Slogan
14:06 – Logo and Branding Style
23:22 – Web Domain Name
27:27 – Professional Email
37:33 – Business Phone
44:49– CRM & Backoffice
54:53 – Voicemail
55:54 – Check Business inbound SMSs
57:48 – Domain and Website Setup
1:11:35 – Register your LLC
1:12:38 – Get your IRS EIN
1:16:30 – Google Drive Storage
1:17:49 – Start Taking Credit Cards
1:25:10 – Upload Fiverr Logo To Website
1:28:46 – Setup Google My Business
1:38:50 – Business Insurance
1:48:54 – Business License
1:50:00 – Giving Quotes & Scheduling Customers
1:56:12 – Setup Staff Accounts
2:00:42 – Positive Review Booster
2:02:00 – Managing Team Schedules
2:03:45 – Going from 1 cleaner to 2 cleaners on appointments.
2:09:21 – Google Ads Campaign Setup
2:24:26 – Custom Branded Work Uniform
2:28:15 – Cleaning Supplies
2:29:25 – How to clean a customer’s house.
2:30:33 – Cleaning Checklists
2:31:18 – Business Bank Account
2:33:35 – Hiring Staff and Job Postings
2:38:30 – Background Checks & Drug Screenings
2:41:46 – Payroll and Benefits
2:46:23 – Important Last Steps

* ChatGPT – https://chat.openai.com
* Microsoft’s Free AI Bing/Copilot – https://copilot.microsoft.com/
* Fiverr – https://fiverr.com
* Porkbun – https://porkbun.com/ (Coupon Code: AWESOMENESS)
* Google Workspace: https://workspace.google.com
* Twilio – https://twilio.com
* Service In Sync – https://serviceinsync.com
* Cloudflare – https://cloudflare.com
* IRS – https://www.irs.gov/
* Stripe – https://stripe.com
* Google My Business – https://google.com/business
* Next – https://next.com
* Hiscox – https://hiscox.com
* Thimble – https://thimble.com
* Customized Google Ad Campaign Settings – https://rb.gy/rpx0pt
* Queensboro – https://queensboro.com/
* Cleaner Job Description Template – https://rb.gy/lh0sup
* Indeed – https://indeed.com
* ZipRecruiter – https://ziprecruiter.com
* CareerPlug – https://careerplug.com
* GlassDoor – https://glassdoor.com
* Employment Application Template – https://rb.gy/pnr66j
* Checkr – https://checkr.com
* Gusto – https://gustocoupon.com

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