3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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How to Use Calculated Metrics in GA4 (explanation and 2 practical examples) [Video]

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How to Use Calculated Metrics in GA4 (explanation and 2 practical examples)

Here’s how you can understand and use GA4 calculated metrics. You’ll learn how they work and see how to set up two practical examples of calculated metrics that can help you get more from your data.


00:00 Calculated metrics in GA4
00:12 What’s a calculated metric
00:43 Accessing calculated metrics in GA4 admin
01:22 Calculated metric important notes
03:02 Calculated Metric Walkthrough 1. Idle Users (Inactive Users)*
07:25 Calculated Metric Walkthrough 1. Scrolled Users**

Link to Google support article with event parameter info for enhanced measurement events: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/14166471?hl=en

* Here’s the link to the GA4 Users article with the embedded PDF download of GA4 users: https://www.rootandbranchgroup.com/ga4-users-defined/

** This metric will not work if you have turned off the enhanced measurement scroll event. Note: it is possible to keep this turned on while also tracking custom scroll depth thresholds like this: https://youtu.be/m1jVbh79ZnM

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