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How to use Google Ads promo code – $500 [Video]

How to use Google Ads promo code – $500

Link to the coupon:!/

Hello guys, I’m Mario From PPC tutorials and today we are going to talk about google ads promo code. How to get it, and use it.

The link in the description is from the USA but you can switch it to your country’s landing page just by changing the URL address. More about that in a moment

As you can see at the moment of this video People located in the USA can get a promo code for $500 if they spent $500 on Google Ads. You can check the Terms and conditions for this offer at the top of the page by clicking “Learn more”. We will not discuss the terms and conditions for this specific offer because they are not relevant to all of the viewers of this video.
You can check them yourself, but basically, if you are a new advertiser on Google Ads you can use coupon offers.

In this particular offer, the coupon will be automatically added to your account. You just have to create one. I will show you how to check if the promo code is added to your account

But now… what if you are not located in the USA.

You can simply change the URL here “EN” for the language and “US” for the country to your location.
If I want to choose Canada for example I will switch the “US” to “CA”

As you can see this offer is for six hundred canadian dollars.

There is a chance there is no coupon for your country for example if we type BG for Bulgarian and BG for Bulgaria you can see there is no offer

That doesn’t mean you can’t receive an email with a promo code after you create your first account.

1. In Google ads just go to tools and settings.
2. Under billing click on promotions
Here you can check if you have an active promotion code and what are the requirements for it.

You can add manually coupons by clicking the plus sign.

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