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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

Hubei to set up 10b yuan fund to beef up role as high-tech center [Video]

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Editor’s Note: Located in central China, Hubei province has an abundance of intellectual and innovation potential with 75 academicians, 130 higher learning institutions, and 1.9 million university and college students. The capital Wuhan alone has more university students than any other city in China. With such affluence of academic human resources, Hubei is positioning itself as a powerhouse in science and technology and it has already made significant gains in becoming central China’s innovation hub. 

In an exclusive interview with CGTN, Shao Xinyu, vice governor of Hubei Province, shared the region’s blueprint to attract and nurture top-level scientific talent, develop basic research, and achieve high-quality development in science and technology.

Following is the interview which has been edited for clarity and accuracy. 

Xia Ruixue: What do you think is the most attractive thing about Hubei?

Shao Xinyu: When people ask me about Hubei, I usually give them three keywords: ecosystem, talent and transportation. On ecosystem, Hubei …

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