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HubSpot Marketing Hub Demo 2021 [Video]

HubSpot Marketing Hub Demo 2021

In this HubSpot Marketing demo, we’ll deep dive into HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and the key tools for building your inbound marketing strategy in 2021.
We’ll also look at how you can align your marketing and sales teams using HubSpot as the single source of truth for your data!

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This Hubspot tutorial covers :
00:00 : Introduction to HubSpot Marketing Hub
03:44 : HubSpot Contact Records
04:40 : Lists & Segmentation
07:20 : Using HubSpot’s Campaigns tool
10:05 : Creating your blog in HubSpot
13:25 : SEO & topic clusters in HubSpot
16:10 : Convert more leads with HubSpot
20:03 : Building landing pages
22:00 : Chatflows & chatbots
24:53 : Marketing emails
27:12 : Marketing automation – Workflows
30:40 : Reporting and analytics

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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

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