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How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
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I used Google’s SGE for 2 weeks.. (What to expect 😳) [Video]

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I used Google’s SGE for 2 weeks.. (What to expect 😳)

Google’s SGE has been the talk of the town for the last month or so. I got access at the start of june, and since then have been using it as my main search engine to show you guys what the real impact might look like for this potential new version of Google .

The first and probably most important thing, is that SGE doesn’t come up for every single search you do, theres a few sections of content that SGE doesn’t come up.

The first and probably most importantly is YMYL it seems like for a large majority of the searches SGE is not triggered – Website in the **personal finance, healthcare, or legal services** why? Well Google most likely doesn’t want to have their new AI project getting involved with things that are regulated, or that could influence someones well being

So if you have a website in those niches don’t think traffic will change much for that section of google

Recipes – not sure why but recipes seem to be completely untouched
Navigational queries
Sensitive topics
News / Current events
Quick searches

Now lets talk about where SGE is coming up – and what the real impact looks like:

Local SEO

Basically takes over the whole search, but its interesting that there are basically two of the same results, this might be just part of beta and something that will get removed later on – but this SGE might actually be better for local businesses there will be 5 instead of 3 shown on desktop

Reviews, and making sure that you’re doing well in google business is going to be essential – so i dont think too much is going to change here

Alright Ecommerce SEO – or commercial / transactional queries

so take this example – as we saw before – the actual results that are recommended and clickable are links straight to an ecommerce – and this kind of cuts out the middel man of affiliate websites which is kinda fucked because if we actually see the breakdown of how they’re pulling their data its from the affiliate and review websites

and the interesting thing is that the actual carousel of websites that we thought was going to be the top 3 is actually websites that have helped the AI generate its info – so there might be something to understanding how and why its pulling data from these websites and trying to reverse engineer it – more on that later.

now the actual results themselves from retailers / suppliers or actual sellers of the products which might get a bunch of free traffic just by optimizing their product results correctly with structured data

more than that it seems like SGE is taking a lot of info from reviews on the websites so definitely want to optimize your website for reviews, and add structured data to those reviews so SGE knows where to look. This could be great for retailers.

Lastly, i do want to revisit that comment i made on the last SGE video, that im not sure how well this actually defines someones purchase path online – it can be a helpful starting point, but actually this is where search results matter the most – having different opinions etc.

Informational queries

– Things to do in lille

– How to boil an egg
– add salt?
– what about scrambled?
– get to recipe term – show how recipes dont get SGE for some reason

It looks like this is where SGE will be most prevalent – and probably most helpful to users

Existing features

– Featured Snippets – not sure why they’re still appearing it doesnt really make much sense tbh

what about ads?

ads have been kind of placed everywhere i’ve seen most ads been place under the ai snapshot which doesnt make too much sense either – that would mean that Google would prioritize organic results – which in someways can mean more visibility?

not sure if thats whats actually happening we will see

OVERALL – my thoughts – im still very bullish on google, on getting traffic from google. it will change things but i think overall like always, traffic will prevail one way or another and I still am not so sure how relevant it is to have an SGE result for every search query

0:00 Testing Google’s SGE for 2 weeks
0:15 Queries where SGE doesn’t come up
1:20 How long does SGE take to load?
1:42 Local SEO – SGE Impact
3:00 Commercial queries – SGE Impact
5:25 Informational queries – SGE Impact
6:40 SGE Chat – Not what I expected
7:30 Ads in the world of SGE
8:16 My thoughts after 2 weeks ..

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