3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Mastering Keyword Research: Scaling to Freedom [Video]

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Mastering Keyword Research: Scaling to Freedom

Dive into the art of keyword research with Atiba de Souza, where the Scale to Freedom formula takes center stage! Discover how Atiba achieved a year without personally researching keywords and the transformative four-question framework that made it possible. 🌐💡

Atiba de Souza, a keyword research maestro, shares the secrets behind the Scale to Freedom formula that liberated him from personally doing keyword research for over a year. Learn how Atiba leveraged the expertise of talented staff members to enhance the keyword selection process.

Explore the nuanced ability required for producing a comprehensive keyword list that goes beyond algorithms. Atiba introduces the four-question framework, the CASE framework, to address challenges, articulate steps, study the process, and uncover unexpected insights. Witness the evolution of his team’s proficiency, allowing Atiba the freedom to focus on higher-level tasks.

Ready to explore the transformative journey from keyword chaos to clarity? Watch the full video on Scale to Freedom, and gain insights into achieving freedom in your business. Connect with Atiba de Souza for more details on implementing this revolutionary framework.

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Subject Matter Expert: Atiba de Souza
Director: Mark de Grasse @MarkdeGrasse
Production Assistant: Cameron Miller @cameronmiller2426
Cinematographers/Editors: Jakob Christensen @edifymktg

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