How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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Meta Presents New Conversion Tracking with Ignite Visibility (Facebook Conversions API – CAPI) [Video]

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Meta Presents New Conversion Tracking with Ignite Visibility (Facebook Conversions API – CAPI)

In this webinar, Meghan Parsons, SVP of Paid Media at Ignite Visibility, is joined by Rohith Bhatia from Meta, and both Simon Poulton and Javier Rodriguez from Ignite. The panel will discuss: what Facebook CAPI is, how it works, why it’s important and more

(00:15) What is Facebook Conversions API?
Facebook Conversions API or CAPI allows advertisers to share data directly from their server, website platform, and CRM with their Ads Manager. This is the newest solution in data preservation, helping us capture data that has been lost due to recent privacy and tracking updates with software like iOS14.

(05:12) Some Browsers Have Already Disabled 3rd Party Cookies
Some browsers have already eliminated the use of third-party cookies, resulting in signal loss.
The reality of signal loss leaves us with things like connectivity issues, loading errors, and ad blockers are all hindering campaign performance today, as well as the ability to track and attribute conversions.
We’re not just focused on preserving data outputs, but on paying close attention to algorithmic optimization. We want to feed the algorithm the correct data, to make sure we’re reaching the right customer.

(08:22) The Future of Data Capture
The Conversions API is the ability to pass data through an alternative method. Data can no longer pass through a pixel installed on your website through a browser, due to blocked signals from new privacy restrictions. Without these signals, we have to find an alternative route to send data, which is through the Server-Side within the Conversions API.

(10:30) Looking at Conversions API vs Meta Pixel By Itself
Once the Conversions API has been implemented, you’re able to see all the events that are received from both the browser AND server-side. By using the Conversions API, we’re able to feed the algorithm with the events that are available from both sides, properly training the algorithm.

(12:56) Why Should You Implement the Conversions API?
– Clients with CAPI see a 13% better CPA
– Clients with CAPI see 19% more additional conversions reported

(14:01) CAPI = Bottom-Line Business Results
When you implement CAPI correctly and work with an agency that knows how to make the most of the platform, you’ll start to see trends like:
– an increase in purchase conversion rates
– an increase in customer acquisition
– decrease in cost per purchase
– increase in attributed revenue
– a higher return on ad spend

(15:00) Benefits of Working With Ignite
1. Speed – Bring down the integration time to less than a day
2. Cost Efficient – No additional cost to use the CAPI Gateway when partnering with Ignite to manage Meta advertising
3. Technical Simplicity – All you have to do is create your own subdomain, where you’re sending data to (so it can never be blocked)
4. No Maintenance Cost – CAPI Gateway will always update to ensure you’re using the most optimal solution for data capture

CAPI has been a very technically robust solution, which has been out of the reach of most advertisers since it’s so technical.
What’s the key? The Gateway. The Gateway is something we’ve set up in partnership with Meta that allows you to use our structure to pass data over to Meta. Future-proof your digital marketing plan now.

(21:13) What is Event Match Quality?
Event match quality measures how effective the customer information parameters that are sent with your server event are in matching the same event on a Meta account.

(21:49) Required Event Parameters
1. Hashed Email
2. Client IP Address or Client User Agent
3. Hashed Phone Number
4. Facebook Login ID
5. Other Hashed Information
6. External ID
7. Browser ID

The benefits include speed, cost efficiency, technical simplicity, and no maintenance cost! Do you have more questions about CAPI? Event-match quality? Reach out to us at opportunity@ignitevisibility to get started with a CAPI Gateway partnership today.

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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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