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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?

Microsoft Teams Integration in Conceptboard [Video]

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It’s a big day here at Conceptboard as we announce our integration with Microsoft Teams, a workplace collaboration application that is part of Microsoft Office 365.

This integration allows MS Teams users to embed Conceptboard boards (new or existing) as Tabs inside your channels, centralizing communication & collaboration within one virtual workspace. Over 75 Million Microsoft Teams users will now be able to access Conceptboard’s infinite whiteboard within Teams, saving precious time and increasing productivity. 

If you are an existing Microsoft Teams user you probably already use video calling, chat and file sharing to collaborate with your team. With this integration your team can now experience the power of visual collaboration and solve problems creatively, all in one place. 

One of our goals here at Conceptboard is to ensure that remote collaboration is just as effective online as in-person. By integrating our app with Teams, we continue to streamline communication, ideation and strategizing for teams everywhere, regardless of location.

Conceptboard has already been adopted globally by …

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