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Nectios Review and Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Worth it or Waste of Money? [Video]

Nectios Review and Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Worth it or Waste of Money?

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Hostinger Website Builder, Free Demo: Website Builder, Free 3 Months: Tutorial: disclaimer: WHSR - the website and this YouTube channel is reader-supported. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.----------------------------** OverviewWhen creating a personal website, website builders serve a very important purpose in this day and age. They offer those who aren’t technically inclined an easy way of establishing a web presence.Hostinger Website Builder (HWB), or Zyro, is an easy-to-use website builder offered by Hostinger (read our Zyro review here). Even as it enters what is becoming a crowded industry niche, HWB comes with its own unique selling points. It’s clean, easily manageable even by website builder standards, and starts at hard-to-beat prices - in short, ideal for those who want to set up a personal site.In this video, I’m going to go over the basics of building a personal site with Hostinger Website Builder. This starts from a plan selection all the way to some basic tips to improve your site.** Video Chapters:0:00:12 - The three things to do making any website0:01:10 - Getting started0:01:22 - Choosing a website template0:02:15 - Adding and customizing elements0:03:39 - Adding new sections0:04:03 - Adding a new page0:04:30 - Adding a blog to your site0:04:48 - Using A.I. tools - Logo Maker, Ai Writer, Ai Heatmap** Learn More Hostinger Website Builder, Free Demo: Website Builder, Free 3 Months: Tutorial: #makeasite #createawebsite #hostinger #hostingerwebsitebuilder #personalwebsite