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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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Reddit Spam Dominates Google and 2 Weird Niche Sites [Video]

Search Engine Optimization

Reddit Spam Dominates Google and 2 Weird Niche Sites

Welcome back to another episode of the Niche Pursuits News podcast, where Spencer and Jared break down recent events in the SEO, publishing, and niche site space. 

It’s been a very busy week and there’s a lot going on, so sit back, get comfortable, and get ready for a packed episode!
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They get things started with a report from Glen Allsopp, which takes a closer look at who’s ranking for affiliate queries at the moment. 

He goes into great detail in his article on Detailed https://detailed.com/forum-serps/, for which he handpicked product review terms to look at.

Jared reveals a twist to the plot that’s affecting search results, rendering the results from the dominant ranking website full of spam. 

Moving along, Spencer and Jared discuss an article that seems to have gone viral about how Google is killing independent sites https://housefresh.com/david-vs-digital-goliaths/

Moving along, but closely related, they talk about how Housefresh’s article about Google killing independent sites is, ironically, being outranked by everyone https://twitter.com/CaitlinTheSEO/status/1760208808805044467, from Search Engine Land, Twitter, and Reddit, for its own article!

Hear what they have to say about it!

And along the same lines, they share a tweet from Glen Allsopp https://twitter.com/CaitlinTheSEO/status/1760208808805044467 with the same problem: not ranking for his own article.

For their last story, Spencer and Jared talk about the big deal that went down between Google and Reddit. Google has agreed to pay Reddit $60 million a year to train its AI models. 

When it’s time to talk about their Shiny Object Shenanigans, Spencer goes first and reveals he’s launching a premium Niche Pursuits community. 

His goal is to create a community where users can connect with each other, discuss what’s happening in the industry, and learn from and bounce ideas off one another.

The group will include weekly expert calls, mastermind groups, group challenges with monetary prizes, among other elements. It will open to the public on March 4th, so check it out!

Jared talks about his Weekend Growth newsletter side hustle, which is now1 year old. He set an initial goal of getting 1000 subscribers in the first 3 months, and 1 year in he has 4600+ subscribers. 

He’s earned slightly less than $40k during that period, from newsletter ads, affiliate earnings, and the services he offers.

Spencer then shares his weird niche site, Let Me Google That http://letmegooglethat.com/, and shares a funny story about how he found the site.

Not only does the site sell merch, but Ahrefs says they’re getting 111k organic visitors per month while SimilarWeb calculates a million per month. How much might they be earning per month?

When it’s Jared’s turn, he shares Throx https://www.throx.com/, the cure for the missing sock.

00:00 – Intro
03:35 – Discussion Forums Dominate Search Results
08:00 – Redditt Excessive in Search Results
14:43 – Google’s Killing Independent Sites
21:44 – Danny Sullivan’s Tweet
26:39 – Housefresh Outranked for its Own Article
28:10 – Glen Allsopp Outranked for His Own Article
29:42 – Google and Reddit Make a Deal
37:09 – Spencer’s Premium Niche Pursuits Community Side Hustle
43:26 – Jared’s Weekend Growth Newsletter Side Hustle
49:55 – LetMeGoogleThat.com
56:00 – Throx.com

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