The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Salesforce launches healthcare data platform Einstein Copilot: Health Actions [Video]

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Tech company Salesforce announced it is launching a new healthcare AI assistant, Einstein Copilot, which delivers responses based on a healthcare organization’s private data. 

The AI assistant will trigger workflows that send referrals, book appointments and other administrative tasks.

Salesforce also announced the release of Assessment Generation and Data Cloud for Health, which allows caregivers to automate and streamline clinical summaries, personalize communication, and tailor patient assessments quicker. 

The new resources are powered by Salesforce’s Einstein 1 platform, which helps organizations leverage data to create better patient experiences and augment employee productivity. 

These new data, AI and CRM features help reduce the administrative and operational burden for healthcare providers and care teams, leading to better outcomes for their patients. And with Salesforce’s trusted AI, healthcare organizations excited about generative AI – but nervous about clinical and security concerns – can confidently use these innovations in their everyday workflows,” Amit Khanna, senior vice president …

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