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Seamless Salesforce Electronic Signature Tools: Static Sign Documents [Video]

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Seamless Salesforce Electronic Signature Tools: Static Sign Documents

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your business! Choose Titan Sign for secure and easy-to-use Salesforce electronic signature tools that integrate seamlessly with the CRM and your documents. Get ready to share, manage, and track the progress of e-signatures directly from Salesforce using Titan Sign capabilities.

Join us in this tutorial video, where you discover powerful no-code features from Titan Sign to take your business processes to the next level. Watch our tutorial to explore the latest expert tips and keep a look out for our other videos to create projects with 100% no code!

00:00 An introduction to static sign documents.
0:36 How to setup your document.
1:14 See how to write conditional logic.
2:20 Watch how to add validation.
2:44 Learn how to configure signers.
6:04 Setting up signers in the Titan Dashboard.
6:55 Generating a document with Titan in Salesforce.
7:10 Demo of signing a document.

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What will you learn?
This tutorial will cover static sign documents and how to do the following: setting up documents, adding conditional logic, adding validation, configuring signers, setting up a signer in Titan, working in Salesforce, and signing a document.

You can set up a document by simply dragging fields. Go ahead and use a number of different elements in a document. For instance, you can add a checkbox, text field, Salesforce electronic signature, other Salesforce elements, and so much more!

Moving on in this lesson, we added the following conditional logic: When the user completes the Name field, we want that information to be copied to the Business Name field automatically. We also added tags to the Name and Business Name fields to make it easier to identify these fields when we added the condition.

To do this, simply select the Name text field, and on the right of the screen, click to expand the Advanced options. Then go ahead and type “Name” in the Tag field. Do the same for the Business Name text field and select the Name field and expand the Conditions option to continue configuring.

Keep watching the video as more instructions follow on how to add validation, configure signers for your document, setting up your signers in Titan, how to generate a document in Salesforce, and a demonstration of signing the document.

How do I get Started with Titan?
Creating workflow and signing processes for Salesforce just got better with Titan! Choose Titan Sign for the best deals in town with a host of other modules on offer that include Titan Web, Forms, Docs, Survey, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Flow.

Exclusive to Titan, we guarantee sensational time-savings for all your manual Salesforce workflow processes. Join Titan! We are Salesforce’s most dynamic 3rd party platform offering you solutions for every use case. Let’s get this started!

With us, you can create seamless and secure e-signatures for Salesforce! We would love to hear from you and your thoughts on our no-code platform for Salesforce. So, please hit that like or leave a comment if you enjoyed our video!

Why you will love Titan? We provide the fastest way to create no-code web applications, projects, and digital workflows! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch our videos and keep up to date on all our expert tips and tricks that you can use in Titan for Salesforce: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbzgXzjp1qfvEY2UzdF0TOA

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Titan Website: https://titandxp.com/
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