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SELL TO YOUR AUDIENCE AFTER A MONTH 🤑 | Sales Funnel Expert | James Hughes [Video]

SELL TO YOUR AUDIENCE AFTER A MONTH 🤑 | Sales Funnel Expert | James Hughes

How can you sell to your leads without being pushy? Take a layer of the overall webinar script and record a five-minute webinar. If they want to proceed, schedule a coaching session with them.

👉 This tip is based on a strategy session with a business owner who helps coaches, parents, and student-athletes that are high school kids navigate the recruitment process to play at the college level.

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James Hughes helps coaches, consultants, and course creators skyrocket their revenue in under 90 days without the obstacles of no clear plan, tech overwhelm, and lack of confidence – so they can quit their day job and spend more time with their families.

He does this by helping you implement the three-phase system of predictable growth. Introducing a solid foundation for success, building the system to get results, and streamlining the process to take it to the next level.

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