5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags title=
5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

SEO Industry Study 2023 – Marketer’s Opinions on SEO & Content Strategy for 2023 [Video]

Digital Marketing for Professionals

The SEO industry is changing! In this video, Ignite Visibility and SEO expert John Lincoln will walk you through the biggest changes in investments in search engine optimization this year. John also shares new insights from our recent SEO study about the roles SEO and content marketing will play in 2023. Download your copy now: https://go.ignitevisibility.com/seo-industry-study/ We surveyed 121 marketers about both their present SEO and content strategies. You'll be surprised at what we found: – 74% of marketers now use creative assets – 73% of marketers will incorporate YouTube – Most marketers saw no change in rankings after the Helpful Content Update – Almost 3x more marketers rated internal links as more important than external links when it comes to ranking factors Marketers also answered other questions that reflect the state of SEO, and search in general. Interested in learning more about SEO in 2023? Download your copy now: …

How Much Traffic do you Really Need? title=
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?