How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

SmatLeads – Find High-Paying, Easy-to-Close Leads for Your Local Business or Agency | Passivern [Video]

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SmatLeads – Find High-Paying, Easy-to-Close Leads for Your Local Business or Agency | Passivern

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🔍 Find high-paying, easy-to-close leads for your local business or agency.

🌟Unlock the Power of SmatLeads: Your Alternative to Lusha for Efficient Lead Discovery and Sales Growth!

Welcome to the future of lead generation with SmatLeads! In this video, we’ll explore how SmatLeads can revolutionize your approach to finding, nurturing, and closing deals for your local business or agency. Say goodbye to the struggles of lead generation and high fees – SmatLeads is here to transform your game.

🌐 How SmatLeads Works:
Discover, nurture, and close deals with just a few clicks! SmatLeads utilizes cutting-edge technology to find pre-qualified leads from Google Maps, Bing Places, and LinkedIn. Simply enter a keyword and location to get started. In three easy steps, you’ll have a powerful list of leads armed with crucial information like contact details and technology insights.

🔥 Key Features of SmatLeads:

– Lead Search: Real-time leads from Google Maps, LinkedIn, and Bing.
– AI Lead Scoring: Identify leads that are easiest to close.
– Client’s Business Report: Download website optimization reports for clients.
– Email Sending and Scheduling: Communicate with leads effortlessly.
– Lead Management: Optimize the usefulness of each lead.
– SEO Reports: Comprehensive reports for Google and Bing ranking.
– Team Management: Increase productivity with efficient team collaboration.
– Marvis AI: AI assistant for quick content creation.
– ADA Audit Report: Stay ADA Compliant with ease.
– Multi-Lingual Support: Over 100 languages supported, breaking down language barriers.

💡 Founder’s Note – Stanley:
“Hi Sumo-Lings! I’m Stanley, and I’m thrilled to introduce SmatLeads to the AppSumo community. This all-in-one solution is designed to make lead generation seamless, efficient, and cost-effective. Say goodbye to the traditional struggles and high costs – SmatLeads is your third alternative!”

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For a one-time purchase of $118 (originally $936), you get access to all SmatLeads features, 10,000 credits per month for Google Maps, Bing, and LinkedIn lead searches, and much more. Act now to supercharge your lead generation!

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your lead generation strategy. Join the SmatLeads community and take your business to new heights. Discover, nurture, and close more deals, better and faster, with SmatLeads. Get access now!

👉 TL;DR:
Efficiently discover, nurture, and close more deals with SmatLeads – your alternative to Lusha. Find new leads, close sales faster, and enjoy a suite of features to optimize your lead management. Act now and transform your lead generation game with SmatLeads!

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11:35 Generate Business Report for a Company
15:52 SEO Report Tool on SmatLeads
17:48 Core Web Audit on SmatLeads
18:36 Team Member and Setting
19:34 Marvis Ai
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