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Tackling Walmart PPC Through Amazon PPC Expert Eyes [Video]

Ready To Scale Your Amazon PPC Advertising? Sign Up For My Advanced Pay-Per-Click Advertising Course 👉 for Only $100. By the end of this video you should learn: How To Optimize Your Amazon PPC Campaign For Profitability and Growth.✔️ – 00:00 – In this tutorial, your Amazon PPC expert will be tackling Walmart PPC. If you did not know or want to be one of the firsts to jump on board, Walmart is a new start and you do not always want to get all your eggs in one basket. ✔️ – 0:37 – Next, you always want to learn something that has potential to be big in the next year or so. Walmart is very comparable to Amazon when it comes to ecommerce. Take advantage of what is given to you and jump on board. ✔️ – 1:25 [email protected] not only wants to be an Amazon PPC expert, but he wants to move into other spaces to continue teaching all of you. You can see that the platform is very basic and open to expanding. There are some differences between the two. ✔️ – 2:41 – In this part, you can see that @LukeWi shows a very simple, but complex strategy in Walmart’s eyes—the bid multiplier. This will make an impression on your account right away. Just take a few minutes to add some numbers. ✔️ – 4:02 – In conclusion, Amazon PPC is still the name of the game, but we all have to expand and Walmart PPC is something you want to dip your toes in. Also, take advantage of the simple platform. Campaigns on Walmart can add an extra tool for Sellers and PPC managers to expand their tool box.I hope this Amazon PPC tutorial for beginner and expert Amazon PPC managers helped you learn how to explain what you see in the data to your clients. This Video: This video highlights Amazon Advertising PPC Campaign Strategies that have worked great for my clients so I hope you find it incredibly valuable. I wished I would have had someone giving Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tutorials for Amazon Sellers when I first started because it would have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars experimenting the hard way. 📚 Similar Amazon PPC Campaign Videos 📚 Advanced PPC Holiday Tips – Amazon PPC Corona Pandemic Tips – Using Brand Analytics To Find New Products & Keywords – Amazon PPC Advertising Negative Keywords Analysis – Amazon PPC Suggested Keyword Bids – 💻Softwares & Discounts💻 Helium 10: (Save 50% or 10% off your Existing Subscription) Scale Insights:🙏 SUPPORT ME – SUBSCRIBE TO LUCAS KWIATKOWSKI ON YOUTUBE 👇 👉Join My Facebook Community👈 Facebook ▶️ [email protected] – If you’re going to reach out to me about management please provide your brand name along with total sales/ppc spend for the last 30 days.If you agree with this video, leave me a comment If you liked this video, leave me a like If you want to see me post a new video every 2 weeks, SUBSCRIBE! #AMAZONPRIMEDAY #LEARNAMAZON #AMAZONUNIVERSITY #AMAZONPPCEXPERT #AMAZONTUTORIALS #AMAZONFBA #AMAZONADVERTISING #ENTREPENEUR #AMAZONBRANDANALYTICS #AMAZONGUIDE #ECOMMERCE