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Marketing Tips For Local Businesses | Organic Content Vs. Paid Ads For Lead Generation [Video]

Get In Front Of The Camera And Start Creating Organic Content For Your Brand or Business- It Will Do Amazing Things For You!Hey guys, and welcome back to the channel. In today’s Interview i am sitting down with Joe Hughes of Contractor Dynamics to talk about all things marketing and building your brand. In this video clip Joe will be talking about how important it is to just get in front of the camera and start creating content. Generating organic content like that builds trust with clients and will help you develop leads that are better quality then running a google lead form according to Joe. Joe is very seasoned in the organic content department like I am and we both firmly believe breaking the barrier and getting in front of the camera has done wonders for our brands.Ed Stapleton, Jr. Clicks Geek Joe Hughes Contractor Dynamicshttps://www.contractordynamics.com out the full interview here: Wanna run this campaign for your Business? Apply today: More about us, our free training, and our courses: ⏱️TIMESTAMPS⏱️0:10 Intro0:31 Why Businesses Forget About Marketing0:51 Why Organic Content Works2:40 Brand Response Marketing4:00 Brand Building Tips – Paid & Unpaid5:49 Outro———- RELATED VIDEOS ———-1. Google Ads Supporting Software Integration | Hire a Consultant or Do It Yourself 2.Cold Emailing Ad Copy Tips and Advice | Michael Gardiner Interview 3. Hiring A Google Ads Agency vs Hiring In House | Full Interview 4. Best Advice For A New Google Ads Agency | Google Ads Agency Roundtable*************************************************************************#GoogleAdsAgencyOwners #AgencyOwnerInterview #PPC #AdWords #GoogleAds #GoogleAdsTalkShop #BuildingYourBrand #AskAnExpert #brandawareness