Landing Pages and Sales Conversion

Build your designs yourself. [Video]

Design the web with Readymag—use free composition, advanced animations and an integrated library of 5000+ fonts to create memorable websites. The first 50 people to take promo code Malewicz can try out Readymag Freelancer Plan only for $16: tools can be a great alternative for designers and freelancers to bump up their offer from just design to design and actually deploying the projects. In this video I’ll show you how I used the tool to create a quick landing page for my recent book. One thing that completely convinced me of the utility of that tool is how you can just copy and paste design elements from Sketch and use very precise alignment tools (horizontal and vertical layout helpers) to position everything. And then do some animations and hover transitions on top of that. Going from design to a coded, desktop-version of the site took me about 20 minutes and I have to say that is impressive. #readymag #nocode #design