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Tax Planning and Your Retirement, with Kurt Lee (Audio Version) [Video]

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Tax Planning and Your Retirement, with Kurt Lee (Audio Version)

This is an information-packed episode!

Kurt is a Partner at Lester Aldridge solicitors based in their Bournemouth office and heads up the Tax, Trusts, Wills and Probate team. Kurt was my first ever podcast guest at the Retirement Café back in 2018 and this is his third appearance. Today we are exploring tax and estate planning and how you can plan ahead in your retirement.

In our conversation we chat about the challenge presented by delays at various Government departments and the steps you can take:

-Registering Lasting Powrs of Attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian

-Applications to the Court of Protection

-Managing with delays to Probate

-Dealing with HMRC.

We also explore Inheritance Tax Planning, the difference between owning your property in joint tenancy or as tenants in common, and how to protect yourself from unscrupulous estate planning companies.

You’ll even hear how to create a ‘Dying Tidily’ log!


Get in contact with Kurt: https://www.lesteraldridge.com/our-people/kurt-lee-partner/

Kurt’s previous episodes on the podcast:

➡️ 002 Avoiding Inheritance Tax traps: https://www.theretirementcafe.co.uk/episodes/kurt-lee
➡️ 018 Make sure your estate qualifies for the Residence Nil Rate Band: https://www.theretirementcafe.co.uk/episodes/residence-nil-rate-band

Search the Land Registry: https://landregistry.uk/title-documents

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