The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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The Hostinger SEO setup wizard – Beginners SEO Guide [Video]

Search Engine Optimization

The Hostinger SEO setup wizard – Beginners SEO Guide

Setting up the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements on our Hostinger Website Builder site involves crucial components such as the page title and the URL.

You can access a bucket load of tutorials and guides on our dedicated Hostinger Website Builder section at Pixelhaze Academy:

These foundational aspects are key to enhancing our website’s visibility in search engine results. For instance, let’s consider the process of optimizing a service page within our website.

Upon navigating to a sample service page’s S E O settings, we’re prompted to input essential details. Here, I’ve added a concise page description, emphasizing our primary keywords such as “accountants” and other variations, demonstrating a focused approach to S E O that targets our core service along with three regional keywords, catering to small businesses in specific areas.

After establishing the base settings and selecting our top three keywords, we find that the Hostinger Website Builder offers a solid starting point for S E O efforts. It provides a preview of how our page will appear on Google’s search engine results page, or SERP, showcasing our page title and a placeholder for our eventual domain name. Additionally, it generates a sample meta description using AI, tailoring our content to better meet S E O requirements and enhance our online presence. This integrated functionality within the website builder aids in creating a more searchable and accessible website for our targeted audience.

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