Landing Pages and Sales Conversion

The Risk Of Website Redesign (and A Better Approach) [Video]

Websites can sometimes suffer from style over functionality. Jonny Longden of Journey Further encourages those thinking about a full redesign to carefully reconsider.

Many years ago, I worked for an agency that worked on the full redesign of a high-profile retailer’s website. It cost them around £1m in total to design, build and deploy the new website. There was very little research done and the project was driven by user experience (UX) ‘expert’ opinion.

Within three weeks of launching the new site, the business had lost nearly £1m in revenue due to a huge drop in conversion rate, and they were forced to revert to the previous version of the site. It ditched the vast majority of the work and simply updated the visual look and feel of the new site. A lot of money was wasted.

Anyone who has worked in digital marketing for any length of time can …

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