3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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The Secret to Creating Engaging Employee Training (in just 2 minutes!) [Video]

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The Secret to Creating Engaging Employee Training (in just 2 minutes!)

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In this video, we discuss strategies for internal training to continuously engage employees. Many people mistakenly believe that since the program they are creating is required for employees to complete, there is no need to develop a distribution strategy. As a result, this leads to low engagement and retention rates. Bringing an eLearning program to your employees means initiating a behavioral shift. Watch the video, to know exactly how to create engaging employee training.

00:01 Introduction to Effective Internal Training
00:18 The Importance of Learner-Centric Technology
00:40 The Role of Distribution in Training
01:13 The Difference Between Internal and External Distributions
01:46 Building an Effective E-Learning Program
02:00 The Power of Incremental Content Development
02:07 Conclusion and Invitation to a Free Masterclass

LMSs and tools we use and recommend:
Kajabi https://bit.ly/Kajabi-30-day-trial
TalentCards https://bit.ly/ep-talentcards
TalentLMS https://bit.ly/ep-talentlms
Revolution Lightboard https://bit.ly/ep-lightboards
VideoAsk https://bit.ly/ep-videoask
Loom.com https://bit.ly/eP-Loom
LearnWorlds https://bit.ly/ep-learnworlds
VideoAsk https://bit.ly/ep-VideoAsk
VidIQ vidiq.com/elearningpartner
REV https://bit.ly/ep-rev
Synthesia https://bit.ly/ep-synthesia

We are eLearning Partners, and we’ve created this channel to simplify your eLearning. eLearning can be complicated; after working with small to mid-sized organizations for the last 7 years, we are now sharing simple but effective ways to help you create your own eLearning program or online course.

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