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3 Steps You Should Take with Every Ad Campaign, From Initial Call to Scheduled Patient [Video]

Have you ever asked yourself this: “I have someone doing SEO on my website for years now… and I have a beautiful website… but no results… I’m still not on the first page of Google’s search results… what is going on?” It usually comes down to this one single most important thing.In this episode, Shane Simmons, from Crimson Media Group, reminds us of the first three main things we need to think about with patients brought in by ad campaigns:‍Answer the phone! Do not let the phones go to voicemail when people call after seeing an ad. These people are colder leads than referrals, and will quickly call the next in line. For this reason, try exclusively running ads during your call hours.‍Get to the root of their problem. We always get the question “How much does ‘procedure x’ cost?” The answer to this question is unique to each patient. Asking great follow-up questions and inviting the caller in for a consultation will show you care, and give you a better understanding of their needs!‍Send a personalized welcome video via email! When a patient schedules an appointment, send them an email with a video welcoming them to your practice and giving a short introduction on what you are all about. This does not have to be 100% personalized to each patient. Even a welcome video not mentioning names, can help add a personal touch!‍Be sure not to miss this episode, and get more in-depth on Shane’s tips for ad campaigns, phone skills, and how to bring those patients in!You can reach out to Shane Simmons here:Facebook: you DO want to work with Crimson Media Group, be sure to mention this podcast/ episode!Reach out to Crimson Media Group here: always gives all our guest a: Free Marketing Analysis (just mention “The Dental Marketer” podcast)If you want your questions answered on Monday Morning Marketing, ask me on these platforms:‍‍My Newsletter: Dental Marketer Society Facebook Group: