5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

James Slattery πŸ€‘ How to Sell and Prospect SEO [Video]

Search Engine Optimization

James Slattery πŸ€‘ How to Sell and Prospect SEO

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Google I/O just happened.

Google Introduced AI Overviews in the documentation

AI Overviews in Search are replacing Search Generative Experience.

AI Overviews appear in Google Search results when our systems determine that generative responses can be constructive β€”

For example, when you want to quickly understand information from various sources, including information from across the web and Google’s Knowledge Graph.


Let’s check out some insights from Christopher Penn

Since the show started, we’ve discussed topical authority with keyword clusters and entities.

Increasing topical authority for your brand is about more than just written content with other media like video.

AI Overviews, formerly SGE, has been attracting video traffic, so be sure to step up your video marketing.

How to Build HR Tech Content by understanding the buyer’s journey by JourneyEngine


Being in the b2b tech space for over 15 years, these realizations can apply to any b2b company.

I had the advantage of leading paid search, so I created a search marketing strategy with SEO and SEM working in synergy.

Are Reddit Rankings Increase Hurting Your Site Visibility? Aleyda Solis shares her insights.


Understanding that Google ranks Reddit and YouTube pages higher, I never considered doing a gap analysis to identify opportunities.

But this goes back to our earlier video on how you should be creating content on sites Google is favoring.

Start posting SEO-optimized content on Reddit and YouTube.

You can learn more about it by reading my contributions to the SEO book by Majestic.

SEO Strategies That Always Work by Neil Patel


Neil covered pretty much everything I’m doing. How about you?

Content refreshes and optimizes meta title CTR, which are always go-to tactics when starting with a new client.

I am speaking of clients. Do you want to learn how to get more?

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please ask questions on the topic, and I will address them in the order they are received.

Before we introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor.


James has been doing custom programming for 25 years.

He owns Supersoft, a desktop support and tech consulting firm.

He is an expert on local internet marketing.

He is an SEO speaker and YouTuber.

Please welcome James Slattery.


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