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How to Build a Webinar Using Kajabi (Step by Step Tutorial) [Video]

In this video, I go over a step by step tutorial on how to build a full webinar on Kajabi. Kajabi is one of the best platforms to use for not only webinars, but also for newsletters, consulting services, and courses for your website.30-day free trial to Kajabi:^Highly recommend it for all entrepreneurs that want an all-in-one platform for their businesses! Be sure to watch through until the end of the video because I’ll be giving you guys an in-depth walkthrough on exactly how to create a webinar that will increase traffic and conversions on your website! Charlie and I recommend for all entrepreneurs to have a free webinar, because this is basically a lead magnet that will bring traffic to your website. From there, you can have a CTA underneath the webinar where you can link any affiliate links, products, or services. If you guys want to learn more about what you can do with Kajabi, be sure to check out our other videos on the topic:How To Create An Email Campaign On Kajabi (2022): To Build and Sell A Mini Course in Kajabi (2022): Design Playlist: New Videos Here: you found this video helpful, please SHARE it with a friend that could benefit, and also LIKE and subscribe for more videos like this! Our goal is to help entrepreneurs with business formation, side hustles, and making money!Have a wonderful rest of your day!-Joey#kajabi #minicourse #howto Timeline:0:00 – Intro0:38 – The 4 Elements of a Webinar1:28 – The Registration Form2:34 – The Registration Page4:07 – The Webinar Page5:23 – The Email Sequence7:37 – The Entire Process9:18 – Next Steps9:42 – Conclusion