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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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8 Best Appsumo Softwares of Feburary 2024 (Saas Lifetime Deals) [Video]

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8 Best Appsumo Softwares of Feburary 2024 (Saas Lifetime Deals)

🔥Looking for the best AppSumo deals in Feburary 2024? 🔥

Are you trying to find the best Appsumo deals to help your business grow for a lifetime? I put together a list of the top 8 best-selling AppSumo deals for February 2024.

These best deals on AppSumo are available for WordPress plugins, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ai writing tools and Email Marketing tools.

AppSumo features offer new and valuable tools for digital marketing, startup owners, and entrepreneurs to scale their business every month.

Every new month, AppSumo brings new and exclusive deals that we would not be able to find anywhere else. In February, AppSumo has released incredible new deals, including Reachinbox,, Followr, and, among many more SaaS lifetime deals.

Mentioned Appsumo Deals
👉 :
👉 KWhero –
👉 GoBrunch –
👉 Followr Ai –
👉 Frontly ai –
👉 Popmii –
👉 Reachinbox ai –
👉 Odio Ai –

## Online Course Hosting Platform

Speaker 1 introduces an online course hosting platform called This platform allows users to easily create and sell courses without the need for hosting. It offers features such as course creation, content management, student management, and the ability to add files, PDFs, and coupon codes. The pricing for this platform is $99, which includes unlimited courses, videos, email marketing, and students.

## Keyword Research and SEO Article Generator

Speaker 1 discusses a two-in-one platform that includes features for keyword research and generating SEO articles. This platform, called k w hero, allows users to generate outlines and full articles with just one click.

## Video Conferencing Platform

Speaker 1 introduces a new video conferencing platform that offers features such as a user-friendly interface, cool templates, and affordable pricing compared to Zoom. This platform allows users to host webinars with up to 200 participants, offers cloud storage for videos, and provides separate rooms per event.

## Social Media Automation Tool

Speaker 1 discusses an AI automation tool called “the follower,” which allows users to connect their social media accounts and generate content using the AI post generator. This tool offers various methods of generating posts, including AI prompts, AI suggestions, images, news, and Google. Users can also generate posts from raw text or a URL. The speaker also mentions the ability to schedule posts using the calendar feature.

## 3D and AI Video Generator

Speaker 1 introduces the popmill factory as a tool for generating 3D and AI videos. They provide a demo of creating augmented reality and product videos, showcasing the 3D player and sharing a link to view the marketing video on a visitor’s phone or laptop. The speaker emphasizes the interactive and engaging nature of these videos.

## Cold Emailing Platform

Speaker 1 discusses a cold emailing platform that offers features for scaling businesses. They explain the value of the platform in warming up campaigns and email accounts. The platform allows users to connect and warm up email accounts, ensuring that emails land in the inbox. It also offers an email keyword feature and AI-generated emails for warm-ups. The speaker highlights the unified inbox feature, which allows users to manage multiple email accounts and categorize emails.

[00:00] Software Deals Overview
[00:39] Online Course Hosting Platform
[01:14] Affordable Course Hosting Features
[01:50] Two-in-One Platform Introduction
[02:23] Keyword Research and SEO Platform
[02:56] New Video Conferencing Features
[03:50] Tier Two Plan & “The Follower” Introduction
[04:20] Features & Popmill Factory
[04:58] Popmill Factory for 3D & AI Videos
[05:34] Interactive Marketing Tools
[06:14] AppSumo Lifetime Deal Value
[06:56] Reach Inbox Features
[07:44] Rich Inbox Service Features & Pricing
[08:34] Custom Workspaces in Cold Emailing
[09:07] Creating Apps with Friendly Dot AI
[09:48] Tier One Plan Benefits
[10:28] Platform Benefits & Text-to-Voice Tool
[11:08] Audio Books & AI Voices Features
[11:41] Tier Two Plan Advantages
[12:14] Tools Sold & Upcoming Deals

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