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AI-Powered Design: Transform Your UI/UX Workflow [Video]

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AI-Powered Design: Transform Your UI/UX Workflow

Using artificial intelligence in your day-to-day tasks is a typical practice implemented by many specialists in different fields. AI tools can help you organize, generate ideas, and double-check materials. In other words, they just make your work easier, so it’s better to know how to use them.
Dive deep into the world of AI and generative tools in our free webinar “AI-Powered Design: Transform Your UI/UX Workflow”. With Dara Fedoryshyn, a UI/UX designer with 6 years of experience, you’ll unveil AI potential to revolutionize how you approach UI/UX design. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this webinar is crafted to provide you with practical, hands-on knowledge and tips to enhance your design workflow.

What You’ll Discover:
🔸 The impact AI tools have on the design process.
🔸 Effective ways to integrate AI into your existing UI/UX toolkit.
🔸 Case studies and examples highlighting AI’s role in diverse design scenarios.
🔸 Limitations and security issues you may face while working with AI tools.
🔸 Interactive Q&A session for personalized guidance and insights.

00:00 Introduction
03:03 Speaker’s presentation
03:59 Webinar’s agenda
04:26 What is AI?
05:44 The role of AI in design: user-centric personalization and data-driven decision-making
07:36 Better accessibility and improved efficiency
09:17 Better UX and help with creative content generation
11:24 Faster mockup creation and continuous learning
15:04 Limitations and challenges of using AI
22:22 Exploring AI tolls for designers: Uizard overview
24:51 ChatGPT
26:45 Pitch
28:30 Canva
29:33 Text to design plugin in Figma
30:51 Other cool free plugins for Figma
32:45 Testing your requests
35:19 Dara’s experience in Leonardo and Midjourney
37:34 AI plugin to create images
42:07 Demonstrating Pitch in action
48:09 Musho AI – generating landing pages
54:58 Request examples and which AI tool to use for them
55:29 Risks of using AI tools
58:32 Integrating AI tools into Design Process
1:01:31 Recommendations for using AI tools effectively
1:04:02 Q&A session
1:04:47 Which elements of UX/UI design can be created with the help of AI tools and further applied to real projects without high risk or probable troubles?
1:07:50 AI tool for conducting user/usability testing
1:10:13 Finishing the webinar

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